Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to flip lessons in a Junior Class

You cannot really have a flipped classroom with elementary students for various practical reasons. However, teachers can a do flipped lesson. During a flipped lesson, students have a “lesson” at home instead of homework. The flipped lesson is usually in the form of a video, but it can also be a text to read or a podcast to listen to. Following the flipped lesson, during school time, students work on enrichment activities based on the lesson. In a Junior class, many students will not have easy computer access at home, so teachers could set up a station in the classroom where students can watch the video at some point during the day. Sending i-pads home may be tricky if parents do not want their kids using the internet. It would help if teachers post the video link on their teacher's website so that parents can access it more easily. Teachers should ensure that the Junior students have ample time to do the flipped lesson before the classroom follow-up, at least several days.

I wanted to share this blog resource from Jon Bergman, one of the founders of the flipped movement, that I found useful for my attempt at a flipped Junior lesson: The link to my flipped junior lesson is here. It is a Ontario grade 6 science lesson on electricity generation in Canada. As usual, feel free to try it with your students, and I would be happy to know how it went and/or if you have suggestions to improve it.

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