Friday, July 10, 2015

Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome to 4th grade! My name is Muriel Corbierre and I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year. In grade 4, students will learn many different subjects, which I have outlined in my class blog at I will be teaching all the subjects except for core French and Health & Physical Education. I invite you to consult the blog regularly since I will update it often with class information such as homework, upcoming events, pictures, etc. I will also keep on adding interesting education information and links both for students and parents. You will notice that my professional twitter feed appears on the main page of the blog. I tweet science, math and general education material that you might find useful to consult. As you can see, I am interested in bringing technology to the classroom. Students are usually more engaged in their learning when technology is involved. Please be assured that technology is used wisely in class and that we will not use social media in class. Our school provides laptop computers and chromebooks for our students’ use in class, and our classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard.

In my class, students learn through various learning theories that are student-centered and that promote meaningful learning. I have posted a list of links that describe these learning theories on the blog, for your information.

Research has shown that when parents are involved in their child’s education, children do better at school. I need your help in making sure that your child comes to school well-rested and with a full tummy in the morning. Also, you should provide your child with a quiet, well-lit space at home for homework. It is very important that you help keep your child accountable for their homework and that you emphasize the importance of school work. There are several ways to get involved at school if your schedule allows it. I love parent volunteers and I invite you to come and help in class if you can. You will have the opportunity to volunteer occasionally when we have special activities like field trips or science workshops, or regularly for reading or math help. Please let me know how you can help, we will be happy to have you in class.

I will send home the class rules and expectations once the students and I have defined them in class. These expectations will be posted on the class blog as well. I will ask you to review them with your child and to both sign the class pledge. I have high expectations for all my students and I expect that they will work hard and do their best. In return, I promise to do my best for your child and to help him/her succeed.

I look forward to frequent communication with you to ensure your child’s success. I will call you the first week of school to introduce myself. Please contact me when you wish to talk about your child’s progress. Don’t wait for me to contact you first if you have an issue you want to discuss. You may email me (, call me at school (###.###.####) or leave a message on the blog.


Dr. Muriel Corbierre

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